From formless ripples of energy in a space devoid of dimension... chaos melts into form, creating an opening.

The divine, separating from itself, enters as a ball of light.  Existence flowing down an umbilical cord -- the first spark of consciousness. 


This is one vignette among many, interwoven to form REBIRTH of GAEA -- a visual tapestry synthesizing modern conceptions of our place in the universe with those of the Ancient Greeks.

NFTs available here.

Years before I started on Rebirth of Gaea, while working as an visual effects artist, I was tasked with creating an alien radiowave. My favorite projects are the ones, like this, that are abstractly-defined + conceptual .

I generated several animated fractals using AE Flame but ultimately these explorations didn't make it into the final comp. I liked them though, so I rendered out elements for a potential future project.

Thinking of ways to express a spark of consciousness for Rebirth of Gaea, I instantly remembered those alien radiowave elements. 



I took stills from those fractal animations to create an element that I combined with galaxies and water elements, melting them into each other.


Updating the Gaea video in 2021 gave me a chance to add more motion to the image. About 10 years had passed between creating the first video. Surprisingly, most of the setups still worked.

I started off by opening my old setup for Inception and hitting play. It was cool to see it in motion but a bit fast. The original setups for this vignette no longer worked, so I used the final image as the base component of a new animation. 

I like infusing these pieces with thoughts on spirituality. Adding motion to the image could be a way to share more thoughts, which have come more into focus since then, too. 

The animation begins with a seemingly randomized two-dimensional matrix of energy. These streaks of light that slowly unfold a dimensional structure. A portal.

From another dimension, a ball of light emerges and begins to travel down a cosmic umbilical cord.

. .. ... ..... ........ ......I...... ........ ..... ... .. .

BEYONCE -- Renaissance World TourVFX artist, 2022 - 2023


Cosmic MindPersonal Project, 2021

Super Bowl LVCreative Director for augmented reality graphics, 2021 (Silver Spoon Animation)

TENCENTDesign + Execution, 2020 (Ntropic)

The GrammysVFX, 2020 (Ntropic)

Reality via PerceptionPersonal Project, 2020

SOULSCAPESPersonal Project, 2020

Lost In SpaceDesign + Execution, 2019 (The Resistance)

The SecretVFX, 2019 (Resistance)

Landscape PaintingPersonal Project, 2018

Justice LeagueDesign + Execution, 2017 (Resistance)

PeriscapeCreative Direction + Execution, 2017

United States NavyDesign + Execution, 2017 (Resistance)

CastrolVFX, 2014 (Suspect)

Easy SkankingPersonal Project, 2015

Jamaica's 50th AnniversaryDesign + Execution, 2012 (Water Works)

The Monkey KingDesign + Execution, 2013 (Global Star)

Rebirth of GaeaPersonal Project, 2012

Flowing MeditationPersonal Project, 2011

Nebulaic EmbryoPersonal Project, 2012

ShapeshifterVFX + Compositing, 2010 (Charlex)

ToshibaDesign + Execution, 2007 (Charlex)

MMsCompositing, 2005 (Charlex)

Verizon "It's The Network"Compositing, 2005 (Charlex)

One Rat ShortCompositing + UI, 2006 (Charlex)

InfernoSelf Portrait

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