From formless ripples of energy in a space devoid of dimension... chaos melts into form, creating an opening.

The divine, separating from itself, enters as a ball of light. Existence flowing down an umbilical cord. The first spark of consciousness. 


This is one vignette among many, interwoven to form REBIRTH of GAEA -- a visual tapestry synthesizing modern conceptions of our place in the universe with those of the Ancient Greeks.

NFTs available here.

Years before I started on Rebirth of Gaea, while working as an visual effects artist, I was tasked with creating an alien radiowave. My favorite projects are the ones, like this, that are abstractly-defined + conceptual .

I generated several animated fractals using AE Flame but ultimately these explorations didn't make it into the final comp. I liked them though, so I rendered out elements for a potential future project.

Thinking of ways to express a spark of consciousness for Rebirth of Gaea, I instantly remembered those alien radiowave elements. 



I took stills from those fractal animations to create an element that I combined with galaxies and water elements, melting them into each other.


Updating the Gaea video in 2021 gave me a chance to add more motion to the image. About 10 years had passed between creating the first video. Surprisingly, most of the setups still worked.

I started off by opening my old setup for Inception and hitting play. It was cool to see it in motion but a bit fast. The original setups for this vignette no longer worked, so I used the final image as the base component of a new animation. 

I like infusing these pieces with thoughts on spirituality. Adding motion to the image could be a way to share more thoughts, which have come more into focus since then, too. 

The animation begins with a seemingly randomized two-dimensional matrix of energy. These streaks of light that slowly unfold a dimensional structure. A portal.

From another dimension, a ball of light emerges and begins to travel down a cosmic umbilical cord.

NFTs available on OpenSea.

For most vignettes, I will mint 1 final image, less than 20 secondary assets related to it, and less than 100 frames from within any Rebirth of Gaea videos.

Each NFT asset is an edition of 1. Most include unlockable higher-resolution images. 

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Super Bowl LVCreative Director for AR graphics, 2021 (Silver Spoon Animation)

The GrammysVFX, 2020 (Ntropic)

TENCENTDesign + Execution, 2020 (Ntropic)

Reality via PerceptionPersonal Project, 2020

Sand Water FirePersonal Project, 2020

Lost In SpaceDesign + Execution, 2019 (The Resistance)

The SecretVFX, 2019 (Resistance)

Landscape PaintingPersonal Project, 2018

Justice LeagueDesign + Execution, 2017 (Resistance)

PeriscapeCreative Direction + Execution, 2017

United States NavyDesign + Execution, 2017 (Resistance)

CastrolVFX, 2014 (Suspect)

Easy SkankingPersonal Project, 2015

Jamaica's 50th AnniversaryDesign + Execution, 2012 (Water Works)

The Monkey KingDesign + Execution, 2013 (Global Star)

Rebirth of GaeaPersonal Project, 2012

Flowing MeditationPersonal Project, 2011

Nebulaic EmbryoPersonal Project, 2012

ShapeshifterVFX + Compositing, 2010 (Charlex)

DodgeVFX + Compositing, 2008 (Charlex)

AvrilVFX + Compositing, 2009 (Suspect)

ToshibaDesign + Execution, 2007 (Charlex)

MMsCompositing, 2005 (Charlex)

Verizon "It's The Network"Compositing, 2005 (Charlex)

One Rat ShortCompositing + UI, 2006 (Charlex)

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