I started creating digital art over 25 years ago. My aim has always been to create art future-proof in craftsmanship + aesthetics, intrinsically beautiful + layered with meaning. 

I am excited to now be sharing my art as NFTs. Each NFT asset is an edition of 1. Most include unlockable higher-resolution images. 


A massive digital painting infusing contemporary spiritual concepts with the rich worldview of the Ancient Greeks.

Tier 1 NFTs include the final images.

Tier 2 NFTs are secondary assets related to the process.

Tier 3 NFTs are still frames from the final video.

TIER 1 NFTs - starting at 11 ETH



REBIRTH of GAEA is composed of multiple, interwoven vignettes -- each with a unique narrative and intricate backstory.

There will be 1 NFT of the final version of each vignette, as well as 1 NFT of the final full image (REBIRTH of GAEA).

Shown here is FLOWING MEDITATION, one of many vignettes within REBIRTH of GAEA.

TIER 2 NFTS - starting at .1 ETH



These include making-of animations, initial sketches, key elements and layers, earlier versions of vignettes, timelapses, After Effects setups, etc.

There are generally less than 20 TIER 2 digital assets for each vignette. 

TIER 3 NFTS - starting at .01 ETH


the final video

Individual frames, timelapses, and elements, will be minted from the final video. My "In The Flow" livestream gives a glimpse into an insanely-detailed creative process.  


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© Jesse Michael Newman, 2021