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If there are any pieces of mine that you'd like to see as NTFs, reach out to me at

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My first NFTs are from Rebirth of Gaea, a personal project that began in 2006. The main image is a 30K x 10K digital matte painting composed of multiple, interwoven vignettes.


Minted Oct 2021 for 22BNB. Created Feb 2012 at 6750 x 9000.


TARTAROS is the abyss in the Underworld, a dungeon of torment and suffering. His head is a skull of embers. The veins of his heart can be seen through his ripped-open chest.

I took close-up photos of campfire embers and began transforming them when the face of TARTAROS emerged, startling me. 



Minted Oct 2021 for 55BNB. Created Feb 2012 at 4000 x 3000, 


BURST is the expression of boundless energy unleashed when CHAOS blows the cosmic dandelion.


Minted Oct 2021 for 1BNB. Created Feb 2012 at 6000 x 6000, 


INCEPTION is the first spark of existence, materializing from a formless abyss. Through it, the umbilical cord of the NEBULAIC EMBRYO emerges.



The REBIRTH of GAEA "Mythology" video describes its meaning. A limited number of frames from the video will be available as NFTs.

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