Super Bowl LV

Creative Director for augmented reality graphics, Silver Spoon Animation

Part of the creative process for the Super Bowl LV "Open." Music by Kid Cudi.

Super Bowl LV

Creative Director for AR Graphics (Silver Spoon Animation), 2021


The creative direction for Super Bowl LV was built off the NFL’s theme of SEA, SAND, SIEGE. For the Open, the pirate ship in the stadium seemed like a perfect place to begin.


From the Sea, a ship is arriving.
Cannons fire, sending scalding hot cannonballs soaring across the sky.
One of them hits the ground, sand exploding outward.
Embers breathe life into the sand, which takes a new form.
A man, made of sand and light, emerges.
He immediately sees cannonballs tearing through the air.
Trails of embers coalesce into a spiraling football.
He stretches as far as he can, catches it, and smashes back to Earth.
The sand swirls upward to become the Super Bowl logo
as burning embers fuse the sand into steel.


It was very cool to play a part in the process of creating mixed-reality visuals experienced by so many.

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