the origin story of Gaea

the relationship between cosmic and human minds

timeless, inner beauty


This is one vignette among many, interwoven to form REBIRTH of GAEA -- a visual tapestry synthesizing modern conceptions of our place in the universe with those of the Ancient Greeks.

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This video for COSMIC MIND is an attempt to demystify the process. The incredible music is “Gajumaru” by Yaima. Check out their work here.

The vacant | infinite space

which existed

previous to the creation of the world. 

"A gaping yawn." 

the exterior vessel of the Cosmic Mind echoes within as human.

The human mind is a prism whose shards of light stylize pure divinity into different mythologies. Breathe in. Focus. Breathe out... a nebulae spills from the Cosmic Mind’s mouth, manifesting reality.

Form From



In Greek Mythology, Chaos is the dimension from which the gods and men arose. 

Coming up for a way to visualize that, I remembered some slow-motion imagery of milk in water and thinking that might be a good place to start to find some interesting shapes. When I saw that angelic wisp appear and thought "Yup, that'll do the trick." 

Nature is insane... leaving her unneccearily beautiful fingerprints all over.


2.5.11 Adding the nautilus shell to the embryo b/c the human mind conjures up gods but also figures out some amazing things, e.g. phi, which emma and I have talked a lot about.  Also the placement of the embryo + nautilus makes emma look like she’s princess leia.  Doing that because she likes star wars.



Chaos is the vacant and infinite space which existed previous to the creation of the world, and out of which the gods, men, and all things arose.  In ancient Greek, “chaos’ does not mean a state of disarray but rather a yawning or gap, the space between heaven and earth. After the appearance of the primordial deities, Chaos gives birth to Nyx (Goddess of Night) and Erebos (God of shadows and darkness).



An earlier version from 2012.

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