VFX + Compositing, Charlex


Charlex, Lead Flame Artist


It’s rare for a vfx company to have an in-house project of this magnitude, but from my previous experience working with Alex Weil on One Rat Short I knew that the commitment from Charlex would be extraordinary.

I was lucky to work with many incredible artists and producers on this and other projects at Charlex. Working with the team there to bring this project to life in such a free-flowing, collaborative process was an incredibly rewarding experience.


An attempt to answer "so what did you do on Shapeshifter?"

The before element shows a precomp of the elements from CG. Any enhancements I brought to the project were built on an incredibly strong foundation of vivid art direction and amazing CG.

Of note, there were a handful of shots I did not composite -- those were composited by the very talented Blake Huber. I have marked those shots with a small green triangle in the bottom left.

Personal Favorites

Super Bowl LVCreative Director for AR graphics, 2021 (Silver Spoon Animation)

The GrammysVFX, 2020 (Ntropic)

TencentDesign + Execution, 2020 (Ntropic)

Reality via PerceptionPersonal Project, 2020

Sand Water FirePersonal Project, 2020

Lost In SpaceDesign + Execution, 2019 (The Resistance)

The SecretVFX, 2019 (The Resistance)

Justice LeagueDesign + Execution, 2017 (The Resistance)

US NavyDesign + Execution, 2017 (The Resistance)

Landscape PaintingPersonal Project, 2018

PeriscapeCreative Direction + Execution, 2017

Easy SkankingPersonal Project, 2015

CastrolVFX, 2014 (Suspect)

50th Anniversary of JamaicaDesign + Execution, 2012 (Water Works)

The Monkey KingDesign + Execution, 2013 (Global Star)

Rebirth of GaeaPersonal Project, 2012

Flowing MeditationPersonal Project, 2011

AvrilVFX + Compositing, 2009 (Suspect)

DodgeVFX + Compositing, 2008 (Charlex)

ToshibaDesign + Execution, 2007 (Charlex)


Verizon "It's The Network"Compositing, 2005 (Charlex)

One Rat ShortCompositing + UI, 2006 (Charlex)

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Compositing1999 - 2003

Type2000 - 2001 (Spin)

Logos1998 - 1999 (Spin)

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