Nov 1995

With the birth of my daughter and the sudden death of my roommate of three years, my thoughts were understandably focused on life and death.

The hands on my head suggest a doctor’s hands pulling a baby into this world—or the hands of those who have gone before us pulling us into the next.

To show the passing of time, each hand represents a different season -- one of leaves (fall), one of stone (winter), one of the ocean (summer) and one of grass (spring). 

The water pouring from the arm is a reference to suicidal thoughts. The comet entering my eye was the speed at which things seemed to be changing. The light in my eye is the first light a baby sees coming from the womb—or the light at the end of the tunnel often described in near-death experiences.

My parents were going through a divorce at the time, and so the constellation on the top left is of a home. The thought being that from afar, my family had seemed intact, but in reality we were miles apart.

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Cosmic MindPersonal Project, 2021

Super Bowl LVCreative Director for augmented reality graphics, 2021 (Silver Spoon Animation)

TENCENTDesign + Execution, 2020 (Ntropic)

The GrammysVFX, 2020 (Ntropic)

Reality via PerceptionPersonal Project, 2020

Sand Water FirePersonal Project, 2020

Lost In SpaceDesign + Execution, 2019 (The Resistance)

The SecretVFX, 2019 (Resistance)

Landscape PaintingPersonal Project, 2018

Justice LeagueDesign + Execution, 2017 (Resistance)

PeriscapeCreative Direction + Execution, 2017

United States NavyDesign + Execution, 2017 (Resistance)

CastrolVFX, 2014 (Suspect)

Easy SkankingPersonal Project, 2015

Jamaica's 50th AnniversaryDesign + Execution, 2012 (Water Works)

The Monkey KingDesign + Execution, 2013 (Global Star)

Rebirth of GaeaPersonal Project, 2012

Flowing MeditationPersonal Project, 2011

Nebulaic EmbryoPersonal Project, 2012

ShapeshifterVFX + Compositing, 2010 (Charlex)

ToshibaDesign + Execution, 2007 (Charlex)

MMsCompositing, 2005 (Charlex)

Verizon "It's The Network"Compositing, 2005 (Charlex)

One Rat ShortCompositing + UI, 2006 (Charlex)

InfernoSelf Portrait

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