I am a visual artist

Back in the old days, if you wanted a visual of person's head on fire, you did it the hard way.

To convey peace within a fury, I envisioned a person meditating with their head on fire -- shaking their head back and forth as shadows danced across their face. But it was 1997... I hadn't yet discovered visual effects and AI was decades away. 

So I poured a can of rubber cement on my head and lit it on fire. 

INFERNO (1997), SOULSCAPES (2022).

creating for any canvas

From concert graphics for Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour and site-specific immersive experiences for Symphony of the Soul to next-generation holographic displays for the US Navy and visuals jumping between buildings at Times Square for SAMSUNG, I collaborate with other creatives to push boundaries.

epic ideas + granular details

I appreciate equally both the grandeur of the big picture and the intricacy of the details.

My personal project REBIRTH of GAEA is a massive visual tapestry synthesizing modern conceptions of our place in the universe with those of the Ancient Greeks. It depicts my children in a series of interwoven vignettes. 

directing the creative

Many times I work alone to create the visuals; other times I provide a team with creative direction. For Super Bowl LV, I was the creative director for the augmented-reality graphics.

underlying meaning as the foundation

I was asked to highlight components of the Golden Record, which was part of the Voyager 2 space mission launched in 1977 and is currently interstellar. The hope is that a distant intelligent lifeform will intercept + decifer it to to learn more about our planet and species.

I wondered... would a future civilization scan it? What would that process look like? How many eyes would they have? Would they be able to figure out that the points on the record represent pulsars that triangulate the position of the Earth within the galaxy? How would I convey that visually? 

The projects I enjoy most tend to require diving deep into complex concepts and distilling them into visuals. TENCENT

visually-expansive career

My first introduction to VFX was in the 1990s with feature films Armageddon and Flubber. For years, I did live VFX sessions for broadcast and commercial clients.

My demo reel is a 3-minute compilation of my work up until 2021. The WORK section of my website is a comprehensive collection of projects organized by discipline (compositing, motion design, particles, etc).

Aligning with spirituality

I feel most aligned when pursuing visual projects that promote personal growth or express spiritual concepts.

SOULSCAPES is a series of short films exploring the journey of the human soul from birth until death. It focuses on the relationship between ego and spirit, and what it means to be human.

I'm currently teaming up with Vivian Rosenthal to launch a series of site-specific breathwork experiences called SYMPHONY of the SOUL.

Amplifying with AI

My work has always been from concept to completion.

In the same way that in 1995 Photoshop allowed me to focus less on the process (which for me at that point was colored pencils), AI is allowing me to shift my time + energy from the execution of an idea to the underlying intention.

GAIA is a series of AI-generated imagery inspired by Rebirth of GAEA.

For SYMPHONY of the SOUL I used AI to transform a metallic logo animation from a previous personal project into ever-expanding flowers.

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