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1998 - 2021

Reality Via Perception

personal project


Design + Execution, Suspect


Design + Execution, Ntropic       +01 201 707 9630      @RebirthofGaea


I'm an artist. I primarily use visual effects tools, but I'm just as happy in my rock garden. :) Have a good one... 


Rebirth of Gaea is a personal project I worked on from 2006 - 2012 and have recently revisited. It is essentially a massive (30K x 10K) digital matte painting — a visual tapestry of smaller vignettes that interweave some of my thoughts on life with ancient conceptions of reality as expressed in Greek Mythology.

It is the project I’m most proud of.


I’ve been working in VFX for 25 years, remotely since 2010.

I use mostly After Effects, C4D and Unreal Engine.



The projects I enjoy most tend to require distilling mutli-layered or complex concepts into visuals. Projects that benefit from having the art direction, design, compositing, motion, particles and 3D all handled by one mind. In this way, there is nothing lost in translation and the workflow is efficient.

A perfect example of this would be my work on Tencent with Creative Lead Andreas, Laura and the entire extremely-talented team at Ntropic


I was incredibly fortunate to be able to work with SilverSpoon Animation and CBS Sports on the augmented reality graphics for this year's Super Bowl.

CBS Sports was super receptive to the concepts and eager to push the current technological boundaries. No better than SilverSpoon to pull this off - a team led by Dan and Laura who have proven time and again that no stage is too big. The way they glide through the latest advances in extended reality is incredible. 

This timelapse video shows part of the creative process for the big game. 

To see more of my work over the past 25 years, click here

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