Super Bowl LV

Creative Director for AR Graphics, Silver Spoon Animation

The Grammys

      VFX Artist, Ntropic

Demo Reel 2019

2005 - 2019

Reality Via Perception

personal project

Sand Water Fire

Personal project


Design + Execution, Suspect


Design + Execution, Ntropic       +01 201 707 9630      @RebirthofGaea

Hey, I’m Jesse.

I’ve been working in VFX for 25 years, remotely since 2010.

I like exploring many overlapping aspects of VFX: compositing, particles, motion design, CG, etc.

Reach out if you'd like to collaborate...

P.S. The majority of projects don't have pages, so only the icon is in motion.


vfx artist available virtually anywhere

+01 201 707 9630

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